The Secret Passage – cheapest flights from South America to UK

For anyone possessing an excellent memory who read my post ‘Frankfurt to Bogota’ from well over a year ago ( you will be aware of the drama I occasionally cause myself in search of the cheapest flight. I learned a valuable lesson to always check the proximity of the airport to the city Ryanair claim to be flying to, and sampled top rate hotels as we missed connections on our trip to South America.

Undeterred by this experience, around 4 months later I believe I found a secret passage to get from South America – U.K.

What I felt like I had found when I’d triple checked the prices

Not only was it cheap, it allowed me to visit Miami for a few days layover and still not exceed the price a direct flight would have cost me. Although these prices are from May 2015, a quick perusal of Skyscanner shows the option still exists within a similar price range.

Who wouldn’t rather layover here than an airport lounge in Schiphol?

Without further ado here is the secret, including airlines I flew with and prices I paid:

Leg 1: Bogota, Colombia > Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Spirit Airlines, $146 (£110 today) per person including a checked bag. 

Leg 2: Miami International > Manchester, UK – Thomas Cook, $211 (£162 today) per person including a checked bag and in-flight meal. 

(Leg 3 Manchester > Newcastle – Megabus £5!)

Total: $357 (£272 today) per person from Bogota to Miami to Manchester.


The value of these flights has been adversely affected by the fall of the £ in relation to the $ (damn Brexit). However, I am still confident that it is as cheap as any alternative and includes a hugely appealing trip to Miami – a true Disneyland for adults.

The route obviously requires some flexibility, and probably does not apply to anyone as far south as Argentina, Brazil or Chile for example (although direct flight options from those places to Fort Lauderdale/Miami could be explored). Prices also change seasonally but as my flights were in May, they were by no means low season.

Personally I booked these flights whilst in Lima, Peru and travelled overland at my own pace and at relatively little expense to Bogota, which involved a repeat of the border crossing discussed here Cheapest prices can usually be obtained around 6 weeks before flying. Check out accommodation costs in Miami to ensure you can stick to your budget – for recommendations I’m happy to help.

Nobody is this happy to leave South America, unless they’re going to Miami!

For any questions about any aspect of the journey; Fort Lauderdale Airport to Ocean Drive on a budget or crossing the Colombia/Ecuador border then feel free to comment below or contact me directly. I hope this post helps even 1 person to get home cheaply and maybe enjoy a few days R & R on Miami Beach, gazing at the many, many ‘sites’ on offer. Let me know if you do, and if you do it even cheaper than me.


P.S. To ensure I was giving accurate information I conducted my own Skyscanner search before publishing this article and found flights from Bogota > Fort Lauderdale on November 3rd 2016 and flights from Miami > Manchester the following evening for a total of £344, baggage included. This is still cheaper than most, if not all, direct flights from South America to the UK (and Europe) and dates can be adjusted to suit needs if you were to want longer in Miami.




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